Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to the SoapBox

I've decided to start another blog that is dedicated to venting about the weird and downright crappy things that happen to or around me as well as to celebrate all things awesome. For my first post, I have a combination of both to offer you.
Lets start with the bad.
I catch the bus to work every morning. It's usually not to bad and I can usually nab a seat. Some days it is complete chaos and you are jammed in like sardines. Yesterday was one of those days. I can put up with people invading my personal space when it is situations like this because, really, what can you do? People jostle each others around by accident, more often then not accompanied with a "sorry!", which is fine. Occasionally they accidental graze your boobs or your ass, and if it happens to be a guy, you are met with a mortified look, which again is fine, so long as it wasn't intentional.

***Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite like this bus***

You know what isn't fine? Getting your neck licked in a bus.

Yep, someone licked my damn neck. I swear this would be a really funny joke if it wasn't completely true. Because the bus was so packed, and there was the jostling and accidental grazing, I have no idea who it was. I did say "Someone just licked my neck!" really loudly which earned me a sypathetic "Dude, that sucks" and a few stares that seemed to indicated that some people thought I was insane. Ah public transport, what's not to love?

And now the awesome? I present you with...

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.